The borough’s controlling council has made critical errors in regards to this trial. We suspect these errors were done nefariously. We leave it for you to decide if you would take the following actions:

1) Call the following witnesses to submit critical testimony supporting the actions the the borough took to remain constitutionally compliant with affordable housing during their time serving the town:

  • Councilperson (Head of Affordable housing committee?) Carrol McMorrow (2010 – 2012, 2016 – 2018)
  • Planning Board Chair Russell Porino ( 2017 – Present)
  • Mayor Joseph Parisi Jr ( – 2016)
  • Financial / Economic expert testimony citing the dire ramifications caused to the schools, public works, police, fire and residents.

not submitting the above testimonies, frames an argument that the borough took no action making and is ready to bare the economic costs of building new infrastructure to support a population increase of 50% to 100%. THerefore, an appeal would be impossible to win.

2) Democratic Councilpersons Deborah Tsabari and Jimmy Song campaigned to appose residential housing. Yet on the first day of taking control January 3, 2019, they reversed position and immediately began secret settlement negotiations through Borough Attorney Albert Wunsch.

Please see their campaign material:  

3) Hiring Albert Wunsch as Borough Attorney to spearhead affordable housing litigation.
Albert Wunsch is one of the main linchpins to this scheme against the residents best interests. He committed the following acts and leave it to you to determine if they do not follow common sense:

  • Followed the direction of Ed Aversa, Deborah Tsabari, Ellen Park, Jimmy Song and Gloria Oh and circumvented the democratic process. Wunsch secretly began settlement negotiations all while our council deceived the public leaving us to believe they were opposing 800 Sylvan. Please see:
  • cut out the Mayor or any other councilperson that may blow the whistle on the plan to negotiate a settlement.
  • to date, Wunsch has billed the borough approximately $500k for his activities
  • billing the borough 26 hours. More hours than in an entire day