1. Mr. Surenian  do you expect us to trust you today when you allowed Tsabari to lead the entire process though she was conflicted as per your email dated January 8th 2019. posted herewith.
  2. Did you not conveniently defer to Albert Wunsch  so you can keep the job and earn fees as per your email?
  3. You also have said that most of your experience with these cases is settled, yet you take the job and for two years do a poor job litigating and now you are advising the people that we should settle?
  4. For over 21 months you and Democrat Council have always claimed the confidential nature of these deliberations and the case and never disclosed to the public and kept us in the public in the dark . Please explain to us why this is not confidential anymore, aren’t we still in litigation?
  5. Who asked you to write this opinion and have it distributed to the public? The democrats, Albert Wunsch?
  6. Is your letter not being circulated to influence the vote of our town? Are you not interfering with our election process by trying to influence it?
  7. How much in fees are you going to charge us for this letter?

    Please stop milking this town and you are no longer an attorney but a political consultant trying to influence the people.

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